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  • Is it free to create coupons? - Yes, it is free for 99% of businesses!
  • What kinds of businesses are charged a small fee? - There is a small fee for AUTO & HOME Businesses located in SAN FRANCISCO & THE NORTHERN PENINSULA.
  • Is there a limit to how many coupons I can create? - No, there's no limit. You can create as many coupons are you like. We just ask that you be reasonable.
  • Can people print my coupon for free? - Yes, right now all prints are free.
  • How do I create a coupon for my business? (It's my first time) - It's fast and easy! If it's your first time, join (sign up)  for an account. You'll be able to create your first coupon right away!
  • How do I create a coupon for my business? (I'm returning) - Sign In to your account. Press the "Create New Coupon" button. That's it!
  • How can I make changes (edit / delete / repost) my coupon? - Sign In to your account. You will be able to see all your coupons. You can use the edit, delete and repost links to make changes.
  • Why is my picture not showing up the way I want? - We're sorry. Right now small square pictures work best. You can try to crop your picture, or you can use the automatic picture we provide.
  • I don't see the category that fits my business or my item / service? - We're sorry about that. We had to pick and choose the ones we thought would fit. Write us and let us know what you think we should add.
  • I had an account on your old site. What happened to my coupons? - Unfortunately, because we moved to a new system, we weren't able to keep your old coupons. If you would like your coupons up on our new site, join (sign up) for a new account. You can use our new handy coupon form to create new coupons. If you have any questions about this, please Email us at
  • Will you keep my personal information private? - Yes, absolutely! You can see our privacy policy.
  • Are there rules to using SFAdvertiser? - Yes, there are very simple ones. You can see our rules.

If you have a question we haven't answered above, Email us at We'll try to answer your question as quickly as possible!

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